Chaoyang Park Beach Volleyball Ground

Practicing the concept of “Green Olympics,” the beach volleyball event organizers had the previously existing workshops and industrial storerooms on the grounds converted into office space rather than having new offices built. (more…)


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Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court

'Fan-friendly' Olympic Green Tennis Center
Full view of the main court for the Beijing 2007 ITF Pro Circuit finals

The flower-shaped Olympic Green Tennis Center is meticulously designed for natural ventilation to ensure the quality of the competitions for athletes and spectators.

The center’s three main courts are dodecagonal with each of the 12 sides as a stands. The gray cement walls around each of the 12 sections form 12 stands which look like 12 petals of a lotus flower in the Olympic Forest Park. (more…)

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China Agricultural University Gymnasium (wrestling arena)

China Agricultural University Gymnasium ready for competitions (photo attached)
A symbolic hand-over ceremony was held in front of the Gymnasium.

With the 2008 Olympic Games less than one year away, the China Agricultural University (CAU) Gymnasium was delivered to the wrestling’s international governing body (FILA) at a symbolic hand-over ceremony on Saturday morning. (more…)

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Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park

Olympic rowing, canoeing, kayaking, and marathon swimming events will be held at the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park, where a total of 32 Olympic gold medals will be awarded. The Park is located at the eastern side of Xiangyang Gate of Chaobai River in Shunyi, a 30-minute drive from the center of Beijing. The venue covers a 163 hector area with a total construction area covering 32,000 square meters. (more…)

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Laoshan Olympics Velodrome

The three-story building is 33.8m tall, capable of seating 6,000, including 3,000 temporary seats. It is capped with a dish-shaped dome where more than 200 lights are installed. A 250m-long all-weather wooden cycle track lies on the floor, surrounded by rows of blue spectator chairs. (more…)

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Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium

Olympic basketball venue ready
Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium

Entering Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, one first notices the funnel-shaped LED display system. It is the first set of comprehensive displays in China that is able to meet the demands of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Not only are the standards met for basketball games, the LED system is also capable of being used for theatrical performances, real-time broadcasts and background imagery. (more…)

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Beijing Shooting Range Hall

Beijing's first new venue delivered
The Beijing Shooting Range Hall

The qualification competition hall contains 10m, 25m, and 50m target ranges. The final competition hall contains sealed 10m, 25m, and 50m target ranges.

The venue has a total seating capacity for 8,600 spectators, with 2,170 permanent seats and 6,430 removable seats. The qualification competition halls can seat 6.100, and the final competition hall can seat 2,500.

The Beijing Shooting Range Hall was designed to reflect the shape of a hunting bow. This design takes into consideration the origins of the sport of shooting—hunting in the forest. The Shooting Hall’s qualification competition halls and the final competition hall are connected by the venue’s main entrance, which contributes to the venue’s “bow” shape.

Post-Games, the venue will host important international and Chinese shooting competitions and serve as the training base for the Chinese national shooting team and youth training grounds.

Parts of the venue might be used as a national defense teaching facility. Additionally, the venue may be used to promote shooting as a sport to the public and to promote the Olympic spirit.

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