beach volleyball

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Matches are best-of-three sets and use the rally point system. The first two matches are played to 21 points, with the final tie-breaker set played to 15 points. A team wins a set by two points; a set will continue until one of the teams acquires a two-point lead.

Unlike indoor volleyball, a block touch counts as one of the three allowable contacts in the beach game.

Beach volleyball players face difficulties their indoor-playing peers don’t, namely sand, sun and wind. As a result, beach volleyball players must have exceptional ball skills and speed. Partners also have to be evenly matched. If they’re not, an opposing team will take advantage of the weaker player.

They may garner more attention (at least the women players) for their skimpy regulation gear, but arguably, beach players need to be better athletes than indoor players. Their courts are not as big, but there are only two players, so they need to be able to cover a lot more ground. They also know that they’ll touch the ball at least once per three-hit sequence.

Because of the extra space on the court, beach players also use a wider variety of hits. Aside from spikes and soft shots, they’ll use other hits like carves (a half-speed spike) in attempt to catch the opposition out of position.


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