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Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium

Olympic basketball venue ready
Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium

Entering Beijing Olympic Basketball Gymnasium, one first notices the funnel-shaped LED display system. It is the first set of comprehensive displays in China that is able to meet the demands of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Not only are the standards met for basketball games, the LED system is also capable of being used for theatrical performances, real-time broadcasts and background imagery. (more…)


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National Olympics Indoor Stadium

Completed National Indoor Stadium awaits first competition
Glass curtain wall
The National Indoor Stadium is situated in Olympic Green’s Central Zone, and north of the “Water Cube”. The roof of the indoor stadium is shaped like an open fan, the lines full of motion and lightness, supported on four sides by a steel framework that is covered with sheets of glistening and transparent glass. The whole fanlike structure strongly reflects the essence of Chinese culture. (more…)

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